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  • Roger French likes this.
    • Jay Kanta Too simple and ignores the economic reality of medical intervention/consultation in our everyday lives. It would just cost far too much. Instead of expecting the health industry to tell you to exercise more, eat less red meat and to have a balanced diet, people should be educated on the topic, in school and in daily life.

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    • Sandy Dechert

      Jay, I do agree with you. But having lived with a doctor for 20 years and nearly succumbing to a variety of pharma and lifestyle “treatments,” all I can say is that medics do not get it about how most people live their lives. Med schools are starting to incorporate basic lifestyle education, but too often this is lost in the hurry-up of residencies and actuarial numbercrunching. What a difference a simple conversational intervention can make to a person’s entire life course… and to the long-term societal costs of preventable illness.
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    • Jay Kanta

      Yes, but I’m not sure that expecting a doctor to be able to provide that information on limited information is going to happen, especially under our current health care system. Alternatives do need to be examined, and I’m not talking about naturopaths and dietitians.

      I don’t have the answer, unfortunately, but I don’t see blaming the health care workers for dietary and lifestyle issues. This is a social issue, more than anything.

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    • Roger French then change healthcare

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    • Jay Kanta Then pay for it. Americans aren’t willing to pay for it, and so we’ve seen gradually declining ratios of doctors to patients, especially GPs. Instead of demanding that a slowly declining health care system provide health monitoring for 100% of the population, it might be better to educate and find ways to continue to educate the population about nutrition.

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    • Sandy Dechert

      Part of my point is that the doctors ought to know more than what their traditional med school educations, breathtakingly sketchy residence experiences, and gotta-pay-off-the-loans practice mentality permit. Environmental factors are hugely involved with long-term health and lowering the costs of health care. We need to educate the doctors AND the rest of the people, preferably from kindergarten onward. Right now nobody is on the same public health page, and all the nation’s wage earners are paying for ignorance and confusion. Fortunately, health care interest in the popular media is pretty high at the moment (although screwball diets and “cures” cut into the good effects of this). Maybe we should require McDonald’s and Cargill to tithe….
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    • Jay Kanta Can we agree that NaturalNews.com or any of their affiliates are probably not the right place to get information on it?

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  • Do it, facebook. It’s for all our own good. (Google “OPEN.”)


    We highly doubt this particular rumor, but the blogosphere and Twitterverse are chattering that Facebook could pull the plug in protest over the Stop Online Privacy Act pending in the U.S. Congress.

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    •  Always felt there was something fishy about politics….

  • online.wsj.com

    Scientists find a crucial key to consensus in the behavior of fish: a new study led by the ecologist Iain Couzin at Princeton.

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  • Paradise Lost.


    That sinking feeling

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  • I hope Smithsonian will reinstate this fine tradition with Congress.
    ‎”It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” — Thomas Jefferson


    Rick Santorum ‘s near-miss in Iowa provides a reminder that, for many Republican voters (and not a few candidates), religion and politics overlap. If you need another reminder, though, consider this: recently, the Smithsonian has restored and put on display a weird and fantastic 19th century book …

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  • Gotta headache? Now you don’t have to worry about excessive sleepiness or gas!


    Novartis recalls some bottles of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X over concerns that they could contain stray pills or chipped tablets.
    (Please forgive me for not posting since October. I have been busy seeking a paying job. Not there yet, but closer. Anyone in the market for a 60-year-old partly disabled loudmouth? Female, of course.)

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