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The loudest voices

Perhaps the media need a touch of feminizing, eh? The loudest voices sweep us all–men and women–into their ceaseless clamor.


Women’s Media Center Progressive Girls Voices Journalists head to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to raise awareness about gender disparity in Filmmaking.

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Dance performance

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The great thing about volunteering is that

nobody’s in it for a raise or a promotion.

–Sandy Dechert

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“if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

There is an expression that I’m sure you will be well aware of and what it means. What is less known is the origin of the phrase comes from Scotland and more directly Robert the Bruce. The alleged incident that supposedly lent the world the above phrase came from a time when Robert the Bruce was in a cave and watched a spider try to create a web. The spider kept failing to finish the web but did not give up, instead it kept starting again until it managed to finish. The lesson that Robert the Bruce learned from that incidence was that ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again’, or in other words – success may come to those who persevere. Robert the Bruce went on to have some success against the English in battles, which won him more supporters and which led to ultimate victory.

(Robert the Bruce leading the troops at Bannockburn – Image via Wikipedia)

The above story may well be apocryphal in nature but it does highlight two different schools of thought. The first is that what Robert the Bruce went on to achieve had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the lessons he learned from the incident. The flip-side of that is the argument that it must have been good luck for him to have been in the cave in the first place.

— Alistair Briggs


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Something I just ran across.

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Politics on Superbowl Sunday?

Well, yes. I’m going to write about the ads,

but here’s what came to me yesterday, for several


In cold blood, with scissors

CHICAGO, January 21, 2011. — The subject of abortion has received a lot of attention lately,especially with Wednesday’s grim news of a physician and his staff….

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Kewl facebook app…

My Most Used Words.

This facebook application finds which words you use the most in your status updates and also makes a 3D word cloud that you can share with your friends.


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